Tech Not Your Thing?

Between us, we’ve been providing IT support for over 30 years, solving technology challenges for growing businesses like yours.

Steve Stanton

Director / Technical Consultant

I've spent the last 20 years working in IT- starting at the bottom, working for British Telecom and PC World, then moving to in house IT for Prysmian cables in the UK. The transition in to the enterprise was a huge learning curve, but I had a great leadership team who nurtured and mentored me- and really, made me fully appreciate the benefit  IT can have on a business if done correctly. In 2011, I moved to Guernsey and worked as third line support dipping my hand in professional services, before making the transition full time into consultancy in 2013. Since then, I've gone on to attain some of the highest vendor certifications available in my area of expertise, and have supported, designed and deployed systems for some of the largest eGamers and financial institutions in the world.

So, company boy profile out the way - a bit more about me. I've got to honest, technology does play a huge part in my life and I'm known to get quite animated and passionate about it.  I'm a firm believer that tech won't make the world a better place without people to evangelise it.

I love motorsport- I'm often seen taking my track car over to the UK or France where I attempt to race it round a track...without incident. I'm also an avid watch enthusiast, and probably talk too much about them!

I have a beautiful wife, and teenage son. It's all about the summertime for us. You'll often see us over in Herm or Sark as we take our little boat out. Zack is very much like me, a tech enthusiast, animated lively soul.  I'd love to see him working with me in the future. 

Chris Prevel

Director / Technical Consultant

I have an obsession for learning new technology and how it can be used to simplify, speed-up or improve our lives and the way we work.

Having worked in roles from helpdesk, through infrastructure engineer and senior consultant, while developing skills in depth and breadth in a multitude of technologies, I have been able to gain a holistic view on how technology can be harnessed the right way to create a positive impact for our clients. This, as well as a great working relationship with Steve has led us on the path to create Parity Technologies to better serve Channel Island businesses on their technology journey.

When I find some free time, it's spent with my army of children and beautiful wife Kelly, on the sprint or hillclimb on a bike, or getting some headspace running around our island.

When you work with us, we guarantee you’ll see how these core values drive every interaction and decision.
We're genuine.

We promise to tell it like it is, with openness and honesty, on even the toughest subjects. We avoid confusing jargon so that everyone on a project team understands the end goal in real-world language and can work towards it together.

We make life easier.

We know that technology improves lives. We create elegant solutions that people actually want to use because they solve a problem, and make something in their lives easier, faster, and smarter.

We exceed expectations.

We deliver on our promises - and then some. We're dedicated to giving our clients an edge over their competitors with next-level technology, and we go above and beyond to make sure that we find and create the most innovative and efficient solution.

We work together.

When you work with us, you get our whole team - and we hope we get yours, too. Our work has the biggest impact when our team understands the way your business runs, what pains you feel, and the needs of your team, customers, and users.

We don't blame; we fix.

Technology changes almost every day, and even the most simple projects have a lot of moving pieces. When problems come up and mistakes are made, we don't point fingers; not at our own team, and not at our clients. We find a solution together and make sure it works.

We have fun.

This one is important. Complexities and complications within a project can be inevitable. Being able to have fun with our team and clients alleviates stress, builds trust, and opens lines of communication.